Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Look out, a geography geek is about!

So. I go to uni in 4 days!

That's only 5 sleeps, 3 of which will be kind of disrupted:
Tonight I'm off to see one of my favourite artists live-Jim Moray-with my mum. Yes, I know that sounds sad, but she wanted to go, I wanted to go, and it means she can drive. And I enjoy spending time with my Mum, it's fun :)
Then thursday I'm out enjoying the bright lights of StA...
And friday? Well, it'll be like the night before Christmas when you were little, put it that way. I still have to turn off my clock on Christmas eve so I don't keep on checking it.

I'm so unbelievably excited about everything, from organising my room to cooking to meeting new people with similar (or completely different) views to my own- and that's just the social side of excitement. I'm so...I don't know what the word is. Hyped seems a bit over-crazy...maybe pumped? Or just ready. Anyway. I'm so ready to learn more about the world- I applied for the BA, which is more human than physical geography, but I'm really excited to learn which parts of the course will interest me the most. The cold environments stuff we did at A level fascinated me- thinking about how glaciers/ice sheets can completely change a landscape was incredible, but even more so was the realisation that all the processes I have ever studied in Geography are so interconnected- I mean, I knew they were connected to a certain extent, but it's really interesting to learn that things like the rate that Norfolk is eroding (ie. very fast-a case study we used as GCSE coursework) is partly determined by isostatic rebound- the way the UK is acting like a seesaw. Think of it as that Scotland and Northern England/Wales had a person sitting on their end of the seesaw (ie. heavy ice in the last ice age). Then that person got off the seesaw (ice retreated, start of a warmer period) and the seesaw went back to being level. Only instead of this happening quickly, it's happening slowly, so the North is rising, and the South is sinking. This is also (woop, more connections!) one of the reasons why people are so worried/preoccupied about flooding in London. It's not JUST that sea levels are rising, it's also that the land is getting lower.

Wow, that was a long tangent.
Actually, this whole post is a tangent, I'm supposed to be packing right now. But as Katie quite rightly put it; how do you pack for your whole life?
In fairness though, I have a car's worth of space, she only has 25kg or something.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Things you may not know about me

When people blatantly hate (or love) things- films, music, books, tv etc etc- because everyone else does, it makes me want to hit them. It annoys me even more if they (a) have no good reason for their feelings or (b) haven't tried listening, watching or reading them, and just love/hate the idea of them.

I hate people who sit in the quiet carriage of a long-distance train and either have their (generally very boring and repetitive) music turned up very loud or have loud phone conversations using appalling grammar.

I love coincidences. For example, meeting someone on a university open day and discovering that you were at the same choir competition in wales 4 years ago, and distinctly remember being beaten by the choir with the unpronounceable name (known as the red dragons because of their uniform).

I'm so laid back about some things, I'm practically horizontal.

One of the things I look forward to most at university is getting a new room that I can decorate and personalise. Also, getting all the pots and pans for the kitchen, and not getting funny looks when I decide I want to make a cake late at night.

Every time I receive the Joe Browns catalogue, I see loads of stuff I like, but I never buy anything.

I am perfectly aware that my school bag is a ridiculous size, but I'm too lazy to buy a bigger one.

There are more computers in my house than people.

I've always had 2 groups of friends. Up until sixthform, one group was so so so much more important to me than the other. But then I found some new friends, and although things are going brilliantly with them and they're all awesome...I feel guilty that the group I used to be so close to is getting neglected.

Mainstream music-much as I love it-tends to bore me, which is why I listen to folk music most of the time. I find that there's more meaning to it-folk artists branch out from constantly singing about love. They sing about death, too!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sedated funtimes

Hello, internet. Long time no see.

So I went to a dental clinic this morning to have some fillings under sedation...including a surprise root canal, in fact. That was fun -.-

I'm lazy, so this next bit is a copy of part of an email I sent. I'm tired and in pain, be nice to me :)

I'm on lots of parrots/ibuprofen to keep the angry monster pf pain away...and feeling rather bummed because I have to go back again quite soon.

Normally they put me out for like 10-15 mins. I was out for an hour this time.

Instead of singing during it, I apparently screamed every time they tried to put something in my mouth. I mean, something as stupid as cotton wool or the spit sucker upper thing. I also took the pulse measurer thingy off my thumb as soon as i woke up, making them think I was dying or something. Well, that's a bit melodramatic, but they were worried for about 2 secs before they looked at my thumb. Whoops!

Anyway, hello new year. Out with the old and in with the new and all that jazz. In the spirit of my new year's resolution (which I just thought of calling a NYR and not just call it a good idea), I got my dad to change my Facebook password so I can't get onto it without him knowing. It's working well, I've been on it once for 10 mins in about 2 weeks. Clever :)

Sadly I am still watching many an iPlayer or youtube video. Consolation, maybe?

Laters, gators.

PS. If anyone wants to come over with some Thornton's hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows in it, that would be much appreciated as I really fancy some right now...

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


This made me laugh so much. I love Animal :)

Anyway, hello internet stalkers, this is Zanny calling on this fine December Night. I cannot type with my left index finger as it has extreme eczema (wow, totally never realised that word has a c in it and no x), or at least a nonhealing cut under the fingernail. What a bumface.

Had mucho madness and amusment earlier, elfing it up with Laura. Our elf costumes are now six inches shorter, but they still don't really resemble the costume in the photo, which is a, shorter and b, more fitted. I am considering writing an exasperated but polite email to the company and tell them that they are rubbish and misleading.
Still, the sight of us two in full elf regalia will be a sight to see, I can assure you of that.

Well, I believe that that is all from me for now, so I'll leave you with a quote.
As the one of the two IT guys that came to change the bulb in English today said;
"I'll be back."

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Life, The Universe and Everything

This blog will have sections.

Section One: Merlin
I just watched Love Fool and it has to be one of the funniest episodes yet, with classic lines such as:
*Knock Knock*
"Who's there?"
"Destiny. Destiny and Chicken."
And the like. Anyway, lovedrunk Arthur=awesome.
Also, Merlin Secrets and Magic had lipsyncing in it from Bradley and Colin, which was...also awesome (I'm beginning to think that I'm overusing the word "awesome" almost as much as "lol" and ":P". I need a new word.)

Section Two: New Moon
First things first: I have never laughed so much in a film. Some of it was intentionally funny, but it was just so ridiculously melodramatic and slowmo-y that it made me want to hurl popcorn at the screen (so just as well I was eating chocolate raisins). It was much better than Twilight, though admittedly I haven't seen that since I saw it in the cinema, and that wasn't overly wonderful either.
Edward 'Sullen' (good name, Anne) lived up to his name. Although maybe a better name would be Edward 'Gray-heavily-shadowed-corpse' That's a quadruple-barreled surname, by the way.

Section Three: Uni
I have received 2 offers! Woo! One from choice joint number 1, one from choice 4 or 5 (haven't actually visited one of them) so that's a relief. My mum actually jumped up and down and squealed when I told her. I'm starting to think that maybe my grin and smile was an under-reaction, but hey, I'm my father's daughter, that's how we react. Unless I was to meet someone like Bradley James or Stephen Fry, in which case I would be very excited. For different reasons, obviously.

Section Four: QI
I almost died laughing when Alan Davis started sawing up the TV set. And when they started talking about their "Little Hoes".

That's it, really.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Morning, Merlin Fans!

I have not blogged for years.
That is, a short amount of time.
I have been mucho busy doing many things, none of which involve work, which is not good.
Having said that, I did just do my spanish homework.
Whilst listening to Absolute Radio's breakfast podcast because david tennant was co-hosting. It was very amusing....here is a lovely photo of him.